BMI in free Trade Zones

Free Zones Branches Network Supervisory Department 
BMI Free Zones Branches Network Supervisory Department. initiated it's activities from 2002 under the supervision of the Bank's esteemed Board of Director. At the start it had 13 branches as concentrated in 3 free zones of Kish, Qeshm and Chabahar but reached 14 with the added Ramkan branch . From early 2006 , they reached 20 branches with the annexed 2 branches at Hassan Rud in the province of Gilan and Minu Island in Khorramshahr, Khuzestan province , and from July 2007 , with annexed 4 branches in Jolfa, Jolfa Customs , Pole chubi Customs and that of Nourdouz. Out of 20 branches, 2 are first class,2 are second class, 3 are third class, 5 are fourth class and others are fifth class.
The counter of Shahid Beheshti Dock in Chabahar, Kish Dock Customs , that of Qeshm Airport and that of Hassan Rud operate under the supervision of Central Branch which is located in that zone. Meanwhile, It is to note that four branches in Kish Island, Qeshm Island , Jolfa and Chabahar free zones are foreign exchange transacting branches, that deal in foreign exchanges and report their transaction operations to the concerned departments authorized by Central Bank of Iran and according to rules and regulations .
Out of 20 covered branches, 16 are equipped with CIBA and 14 with ATM systems that are all set up to offer services to the respected customers.

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